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Oleg Frolov
Oleg Frolov

Senior Product Designer at Arrival. Humanize digital user experience. Explore and experiment with AR and VR. Mix AI and HCD. Develop video games in my spare time.

  1. Search icon interaction input text field interactive gif animation icon search text field microinteractions ui ux
  2. Sign up mobile colors minimalist login sign up sign in log in screen welcome japanese ui ux
  3. Alignment button web ui animation button prototype interactive interaction gif animation framer framerjs ui ux
  4. 0 → ∞ fluent preloader vr loader ux ui gif animation prototype cinema4d 3d downloading
  5. Light II bold bounce dark after effects simple minimal minimalist typography branding logo animation gif
  6. Switcher XLIV cinema 4d after effects toggle switch 3d on off switcher microinteractions ui animation mobile button gif animation ux ui
  7. Camera app tab bar ux pattern interaction menu microinteraction mobile animation gif navigation tab bar camera app ui
  8. AR Camera App: Tab Bar Interaction mobile design after effects tab bar blender3d character product design ui design interaction design microinteractions app design ar camera camera app avatars 3d animation ux design ui animation ui ux
  9. Chat Bar Interaction input chat app animation interaction design messenger ui animation ux ui chat microinteractions interaction chat bar
  10. VR Menu Interaction product design after effects design exploration microinteractions interaction design ui animation animation hover ux pattern navigation menu virtual reality vr design vr ui design ux design ui ux
  11. Notification Badge III button design exploration messenger badge app icon gif ui animation animation notification microinteractions ui ux
  12. Loader XLVIII [AR/VR] minimalism microinteractions vr ar 3d animation ui animation ui ux loading preloader loader
  13. Tab Bar Interaction XVIII interaction design mobile design animation plus button microinteractions mobile menu navigation tab bar ui animation ui ux
  14. Extra Menu Interaction animation ui animation fluid design ux design after effects minimalism button menu interaction design microinteractions ui ux
  15. Processing Posters dark light dots simple minimalist minimalism poster graphic design generative design procedural p5 processing
  16. Loader spinner waiting loading loader preloader progress mobile animation microinteractions ui ux
  17. Stepper IX minimalism ui concept design exploration interaction design data picker stepper microinteractions ui animaion button animation ux ui
  18. Add Button Interaction prototype app mobile button add interaction design microinteraction microinteractions uianimation animation ui ux
  19. Menu Interaction Concept card ui motion after effects wireframes product design design exploration ui design ux design overlay context menu menu ui animation animation microinteractions interaction design ui ux
  20. Search icon interaction II input text field interactive gif animation icon search text field microinteractions ui ux
  21. Switcher XXXVIII ui animation vr switch toggle microinteractions 3d spring mobile button switcher on off animation gif concept ui ux
  22. Loader Exploration XXXIX after effects graphic  design downloading preloader loader logo simple mobile gif animation ux ui
  23. Ultimate Tab Bar Call To Action Button interaction design mobile ui 3d animation navigation menu button cta microinteractions ui animation ui ux
  24. Coffee menu card drink food menu coffee minimal 43 dailyui app mobile ux ui
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